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Litzka, a single mother with two children, came to 4CS of Passaic County, Inc. for help. She needed a safe and nurturing place for her daughters, so that she could pursue her nursing degree at William Paterson University and provide a better life for her family.

We provided information on the childcare financial-assistance program to determine whether Litzka qualified for help. A counselor walked her through the ways to identify high quality childcare providers and helped her figure out what would best suit her needs. She wanted to find a location between home and school that was easily accessible. Our counselor then helped her identify several childcare facilities, and remained on each telephone call as Litzka inquired about space for her children.

After visiting a few childcare providers, Litzka made a decision, and 4CS was able to help her pay for her two children to be in a safe and healthy environment. Litzka now has peace of mind to focus on her studies. Litzka is not alone. Last year, nearly 33,000 families reached out to 4CS of Passaic County to find out how obtain and pay for high quality childcare.

By supporting 4CS, you have the power to help parents like Litzka help themselves and sustain or achieve economic independence. The childcare programs and services we provide can make the difference between a low-to moderate-income family barely surviving and a family that can grow and thrive on its own. Litzka graduated from college and is now working full-time as a nurse.

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